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Process light & Medium gauge scrap faster and more efficient

It’s durability and speed has seen this product as a ‘must have’ in scrap yards and demolition operations around the globe where efficiency is paramount. A-Ward Steel Shear is perfect for scrap steel processing, exceling at sorting for recycling as well as primary demolition - cutting through anything in its path.

​With the right tools, what once were costs can be turned into saleable assets. Cutting down steel structures or processing steel on the ground our Steel Shear will effectively get the job done. It is also works well in the processing and reduction of large tyres, light or medium gauge, ferrous and non-ferrous steel cutting through like butter.

Economically installed and built to last, the Steel Shear has replaceable blades and no hydraulic cylinders. Even a low experienced operator can easily use this tool without any risk of costly damage or downtime. Combined with A-Ward’s attachment coupling system you can swap to a bucket or other attachment for the next job in a matter of minutes.

A-Ward’s offset pivot and Power Positive™ system provides you greater cutting force while utilizing eight identical blades for shearing and piercing. This tool also has super-fast cycling at 12-14 times per minute. This, married with its superior durability and versatility, offers ultimate productivity.


VALUE AND SPEED. Preferred tool for processing of light and medium gauge scrap steel. Cycling 12-14 times per minute, this tool is faster and is a fraction of the cost of comparable hydraulic mobile shears.


GREATER APEX SHEAR FORCE. The blade apex (shear vee) has been moved closer to the main pivot even though the main pivot is larger in diameter. This enables to Steel Shear to start cutting at its point of greatest force.


EXTRA HEAVY DUTY PIVOT GROUP. High tensile shaft, case hardened with a 360 lubricating system and fitted with semi-self lubricating bushes. An increase in the bearing surface area by 40-50% and an increase in pivot length, together with a two-into three pivot configuration creates greater jaw rigidity and better bearing load distribution.


INNOVATIVE BLADE CONFIGURATION. The Steel Shear utilizes seven identical blades with eight usable edges for shearing and piercing. Maximum utilization means less consumables. Threaded blades allow for easy shimming and replacing.


ANTI-JAM. New anti-jam relief rebate below blade surfaces releases thin, potentially jaw jamming material faster. Threaded blades allow for easy removal In case of jam.

TOUGH. Thicker manufactured material sections and the use of high tensile steel for fabrication gives the Steel Shear greater durability and rigidity.

MORE POWER – FASTER CHANGE. The Power-Positive attachment coupling system creates 25% more power and allows fast changeovers to OEM buckets and other A-Ward attachments such as Re-bar Shear, Rail/Wire Shear, Grapple Jaw, concrete Shear, Pulverizer Jaw and Sieve Rakes.

DEMOLITION. Excels at primary demolition of light to medium gauge I-Beams, channel, racking, re-bar and tanks.


SCRAP PROCESSING. Perfect for fast processing of light and medium gauge material. Works well as a companion to a hydraulic shear as a primary sorting tool.


TYRE PROCESSING. High speed manipulation slicing and reduction of large truck and loader tyres. Cuts through rubber like butter.


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