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Demolition. Scrap Steel. Wood Debris.

Strong enough for demolition use yet precise enough to sort material our Grapple Jaw is a value-adding solution for many sorts of operations. This top-of-the-line tool will last for years without the need for costly maintenance.

A-ward’s Grapple Jaw has graduated jaw curvature, with the angle increasing as it gets to the throat. This creates maximum material retention within the jaws. When it comes to unloading material, the unique pin configuration allows the bottom jaw to open to an almost 180 degree span. This is advantageous for loading over the side of high trucks with ease and removes the need to shake material out of the jaws, therefore creating a faster operation.


This attachment is very heavy duty with a 350 grade steel frame and Hardox steel skin making it a worthwhile investment that will see years uninterrupted labor from this workhorse. Whether you are working with concrete and reinforced steel or scrub and brush this tool can cater to it all.


As with all our products, the Grapple Jaw can be customized to suit your individual requirements. When combined with our Power-Positive™ attachment coupling system you have the freedom to add or remove this attachment in a matter of minutes encouraging optimal efficiency


VALUE AND SPEED. The severe duty Grapple Jaw makes fast work of demolition debris operating at ten to twelve working cycles per minute. Simple, heavy duty design at less than half the cost of  comparable hydraulic units.


PIVOT BUSHINGS. The units are fitted with oversize fibre semi-self lubricating bushes for outstanding rigidity and far less maintenance.


BETTER PRODUCT HANDLING. The new straight jaw angle design moves the clamping point center closer to the pivot and also produces a smaller gap between the jaws when closed, making it easier to pick up smaller objects such as short steel beams.


PERFECT JAW MOVEMENT. The jaws of the Grapple Jaw open to almost 180 flat, and the double acting pivot system enables independent movement of the lower jaw making loading truck easy.


MORE POWER-FASTER CHANGE. The Power – Positive attachment coupling system creates 25% more power and allows fast changeovers to OEM buckets and other A-Ward attachments such as Re-bar Shear, Rail/Wire Shear, Concrete Shear, Steel Shear, Pulveriser Jaw and Sieve Rakes.

TOUGH. The inter-meshing manufactured design, together with the use of heavy wall tubbing across the jaws gives the severe duty Grapple Jaw greater durability and rigidity, without excess weight.


SIMPLE JAW MAINTENANCE. The Grapple Jaw’s replaceable, abrasion-resistant jaw tips are welded in to create a solid work platform. New teeth will work harden while operating and replacement surface skins can also be fitted.

DEMOLITION. Perfect for sorting piles of demolition debris. Can dismantle buildings with precision and also load trucks faster and cleaner than using a standard bucket.


STEEL RECYCLING. Use in place of hydraulic finger grapple – due to its strong solid mounting the Grapple Jaw can push and move product more effectively. Sorts material cleanly for maximum resource recovery.


QUARRY. Excels at safely loading and stacking large rocks.

WOOD HANDLING. Use for sorting and handling logs, loading trucks, and for land clearing.


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