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Car Lift/ Hydraulic Automotive Equipment Maintenance and Repairs


At Boston Baler & Hydraulics, we have an established record of providing precision service, repair, and installation of vital auto shop equipment quickly and reliably. We offer preventative maintenance plans plus 24/7 emergency service to keep your operation running smoothly and productively. 

Avoid leaks, keep your hydraulic system from overheating, and avoid costly shut-downs to your operation.  Call the number below or fill out the online form for more information!

Boston Baler & Hydraulics

Boston Baler & Hydraulics has the expertise you need to get your automotive operation up and running smoothly when it comes to vital hydraulic auto shop equipment!

hydraulic car lift repair company - Boston, MA

Routine Hydraulic Maintenance

At Boston Baler and Hydraulics, we strive to keep your hydraulic equipment operating at peak efficiency. You probably already know how important it is to do preventative maintenance on the hydraulic equipment in your business as an auto repair and maintenance facility. Preventive maintenance for hydraulic systems can identify both simple and complex issues, minimizing downtime and boosting profitability.

Regular maintenance keeps your business prepared for scheduled downtime, and small repairs or maintenance found during periodic inspections are easier and less expensive to solve than if a mechanical breakdown occurs unexpectedly.


24/7 Emergency Hydraulic Equipment Repair Service

Not even the finest, most well cared for hydraulic parts last forever. Our service and repair professionals may also help if you are an auto repair facility looking for a hydraulic repair company. With the hydraulic equipment, our cutting-edge facility possesses the technical know-how required to handle a wide range of unforeseen mechanical problems. Our service staff maintains, repairs, and services hydraulic equipment in the following areas:

✓   Automotive Lifts

   Post Lifts

✓   Super Lifts

   Air Compressors

   Hydraulic Jack Systems

  Leveling Systems

✓   Evac Oil Systems

✓   Tire Changers

   Loading Dock Plates

   Dock Levelers 

   Conveyer Belts

✓   And So Much More...

hydraulic tire changer machine repair service - Boston, MA
hydraulic level system auto shop repair services - Boston, MA

Automotive Hydraulic Equipment Installation

Each client has unique needs. We take pleasure in completing jobs quickly, meeting deadlines, and going above and above for our clients. The management of hydraulic equipment relocation or setup is a significant difficulty. Boston Baler & Hydraulics is able to help with every stage, including project management, installation, and start-up/operations. We are experts at installing various pieces of equipment, such as auto lifts, waste oil containers, compressed air piping, lubrication dispensing systems, dryers, exhaust, and bulk fluid.

After the project is finished, we continue to be your partner and offer first-rate field support as required. With the expertise necessary to handle a wide range of assignments and the personnel and tools necessary to complete the task successfully.



We’re heavy-equipment specialists, and serve industries in addition to those that use solid-waste and recycling equipment. Count on us for:

Offering Your Operation The Support It Needs With:

  • Factory Trained Technicians

  • Service on all Equipment

  • 24/7 Emergency Service

  • Preventative Maintenance

  • Performance Testing

  • ​Used Equipment Sales

  • Custom Fabrication

  • Safety Inspections

  • Hydraulic Oil Supply and Testing

  • Discounted Factory Parts

  • On-Site Repair & Refurbishing

  • Baling Wire and Supplies​

  • PLC Programming

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