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Industrial Hydraulic Baler and Compactor Equipment Sales

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Boston Baler & Hydraulics is proud to partner with one of the most respected brands in the industry. 

As a authorized CRAM-A-LOT® dealer, our customers now have access to an extensive product line of quality engineered vertical balers, cardboard balers, trash compactors and horizontal balers. With over 70 standard compactor models and 30 standard baler models, your operation is sure to find the equipment that suits your company's unique needs. If the standard products line isn’t quite what you’re searching for, our equipment sales team can work with you to collaborate on the technical modifications needed to provide a custom solution.


Easily process and compress cardboard materials using the safest, most reliable, and user friendly vertical baler on the market today. Vertical Balers offer a smaller overall footprint and allow businesses such as pharmacies, supermarkets, and retail distribution centers to optimize space, while reducing waste.

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If you own or run a high-rise, multi-story building, hospital, hotel, or office building then an Apartment Compactor may just be the perfect solution to your cardboard and trash problems. Designed to fit in tight spaces they are typically installed in a basement facility with a 2yd to 3yd container. 

Vertical Compactor

This compact liquid tight compactor/container is designed to eliminate the need for multiple front load containers. Loading capabilities from the ground, off the dock, or through a wall with optional chute fed systems available. These units are ideal for facilities with limited floor space or anywhere trash space is very limited.

Self contained compactors

These self-contained compactors provide maximum reliability and durability. Designed specifically for wet/liquified waste applications and the liquid-tight construction means they're perfect for restaurants and those businesses in the food service industry. Single cylinder and twin cylinder compactor models with 1, 2, and 2.5 cubic yard charge chamber capacities available.

Explore Manufacturer's Full Product Line for America’s Waste and Recycling Needs

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