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Your Trusted Source
For Baler and Compactor Repairs & Installations. 
Large and Small Operations Alike!

Metal Tubes

Connecting You to the Right Equipment and Solutions Today

Over 50 Years of Combined Experience

Boston Baler & Hydraulics (BBH) has over fifty five years of combined experience in the waste and recycling equipment industry and is a trusted source for large and small operations.


BBH emerged as a full service installation, repair, and financier of balers and compactors due to the ever increasing demand for a reliable and more cost effective alternative. BBH employees are trained to repair any make and model of balers, compactors and other processing equipment.

Boston Baler & Hydraulics recognizes that not all installations, repairs, or jobs are created equal. BBH approaches recycling equipment repairs and installations with a focus on doing what is right by the customer. BBH technicians are rewarded for their creativity at approaching jobs from a multitude of angles to ensure that customers are 100% satisfied with their work.

Boston Baler and Hydraulics’ sales staff is here to connect you with the right technician for the correct application. BBH also provides quotes for customers that wish to purchase new equipment as well.

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