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Industrial Baler/ Compactor Waste | Hauling, Removal and Disposal Services - Boston, MA

Commercial-Compactor-Baler | Waste/Trash Hauling and Removal Service

At Boston Baler  & Hydraulics we’re more than just Baler/Compactor pros and hydraulic equipment service providers. We understand the importance of offering our customers a complete waste management solution. That’s why our regional office network reaches across the continental United States, and offers commercial trash disposal and waste hauling of any size.


Our team will work with you to develop a timetable that that best fits your demands for waste collection and trash hauling needs, so best it aligns with the frequency and use of your Balers and Compactors. Continuously optimizing your baler and compactor uptime - maintaining the highest level of efficiency and profitability. Speak with a service representative today at (508) 400-2862 for more information.

Commercial-Compactor-Baler _ Waste_Trash Hauling and Removal Service

Conveniently located across the continental United States, our Hauling and Disposal Removal Services are where you are!

Commercial-Compactor-Baler _ Waste_Trash Hauling and Removal Service

Commercial Baler and Compactor Waste Hauling Services

Our successful track record since 1968 of maintaining and repairing balers and compactors like those in your business is your assurance that we have the skills, knowledge and logistical chops to not only keep you up and running, but deliver convenient reliable commercial services for hauling/removing your baler and compactor waste. 


(508) 400-2862

Offering Your Operation The Support It Needs With:

  • Factory Trained Technicians

  • Service on all Equipment

  • 24/7 Emergency Service

  • Preventative Maintenance

  • Performance Testing

  • ​Used Equipment Sales

  • Custom Fabrication

  • Safety Inspections

  • Hydraulic Oil Supply and Testing

  • Discounted Factory Parts

  • On-Site Repair & Refurbishing

  • Baling Wire and Supplies​

  • PLC Programming

  • Equipment Sales

  • Waste/Disposal Hauling and Removal

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